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How to Turn a Leaky eCommerce Website into a Customer-Generating Machine Using Proven Postcard Retargeting

Created by a direct marketing expert with over 30 years of experience helping THOUSANDS of retailers get more customers and revenue through targeted print marketing.

You’ll discover the step-by-step method frustrated that E-tailers use to achieve a sustainably higher level of return website visits within just a few weeks using Postcard Retargeting.

We’ll reveal exactly how to generate more revenue from your existing web traffic – even if you don’t have a large marketing team or direct mail expertise.

Generate revenue through your existing web traffic
Postcard Retargeting

You’ll learn competition-crushing secrets that
only a handful of ninja marketers know today, like:

  • How to implement Postcard Retargeting so it converts, even if you’ve never done it before
  • Why you don’t need to retarget every website visitor to get great results after all
  • When you should focus on your brand story instead of putting all your chips on your offer
  • The (surprising) key elements to high converting Postcard design that you can put to use today in other marketing campaigns
  • What even most large eCommerce brands don’t know about the Best Practices of Postcard Retargeting that helps stop leaking more lost visitors than any website should

Dont just take it from us!

Laurie Dunlap, CEO of Blue Canoe

“There’s a gut-level reaction to seeing how many visitors left your site – but could be mailed to each day.

We are thrilled with the results. We’re now seeing 8x Return on Ad Spend. And, when I factor in Lifetime Value, it’s 19x Return.”

– Laurie Dunlap, Founder & CEO of Blue Canoe


If you’re struggling to find more effective ways to bring back lost website visitors, this guide will show you how Postcard Retargeting leverages the “power of Print” to deliver more return-to-site visitors and conversions.

If you’re trying to reach the 83% of lost website visitors who don’t even see online retargeting ads anymore, you should download our guide today.