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 Every touch point is essential for integrated marketing to work. Integrated marketing is an approach that emphasizes the importance of a coherent, seamless, multi-dimensional customer experience.  Email Append and our other data management services and corporate data services offer you peace of mind that your communications are going to be delivered via validated, deliverable addresses.

Call 800-959-8365 to see how we can leverage our append services to improve your ROI .

Fill in the Gaps of Your Customer Database

Email append or e-appending takes the information you have on your customers (such as their name, postal address, phone number, etc.) and cross-references it through our robust matching program to return deliverable email addresses.

We reduce the number of undeliverable addresses thereby reducing your mailing costs. Returned results are all 100% opted-in records ensuring you can start reaching out as soon as your campaign is ready.

Email Data Collection Made Easy

Over the years we’ve refined our process and expanded our proprietary network to help source as many quality matches for you as possible. With these systems already in place, you benefit from the reduced costs and improved efficiency:

  • Low price per record we’ve worked to make it affordable to append large data sets
  • You keep the list – the email list you receive is free of restrictions for your unlimited use
  • Low minimum order – we also cater to new businesses with small data sets to them stay competitive and reach the right audience
  • Quick turnaround – when you want to take advantage of a sudden new marketing opportunity, we’re ready to help you get started