Upload & Go - Upload Specs

Upload Specifications
1 page PDF Format with no encryption or Security: 100mb maximum
  • If the file is uploaded in an unsupported file format (we only accept 1 page PDF format for “Upload & Go”), please re-export or save files as PDF format before uploading files.
  • Do not add any security, password or encryption to your PDFs. This will cause it to be unusable.
  • If the PDF is larger than the maximum file size allowed, please reduce file size to below 100mb before uploading files.

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Image Resolution: 355ppi or 1200ppi for bitmaps
  • We recommend at least 200ppi for all images but 355ppi is ideal. (at final print size)
  • We recommend at least 600ppi for all bitmap images but 1200ppi is ideal. (at final print size)
  • Be sure to check the image resolution when the image is at the final size it will be used. Image resolution will decrease as you enlarge images. Final resolution is what will be printed.

Please note: You may receive a warning for low resolution images when transparencies or drop shadows are used. If you are certain these elements are ok then we would recommend proceeding as-is.

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Built to product bleed size (.0625" on all sides) w/ no crop marks

If the product dimensions do not match the product selected, please confirm your file is built to the product bleed size by doing the following:

  • Build your documents including 1/16" bleed on all sides. This 1/16" (.0625 of an inch) will be trimmed off each side of your product (example: a Standard Postcard 4.375" x 6.125" will trim to 4.25" x 6").
  • Be sure to enter document Width and Height size using inches for correct bleed dimensions.
  • When exporting your final PDF’s, please do not include any crop marks or page information. When including these elements the page size will be enlarged causing your final dimensions to be incorrect.
  • If your files are not built to the correct dimensions but are within an acceptable range, we may scale them up or crop them down slightly. The preview of your layouts will be shown at the trim dimensions.

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Color Managed Files

All files should be color managed to preserve color profiles (ICC or ICM) within your working application’s color settings and export PDF settings.

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Fonts embedded properly with no corruption

If the PDF has fonts that are not embedded properly, corrupt (type 3) or have licensing restrictions it will fail upload.

  • Ensure the fonts are embedded properly before uploading files.
  • Managing your fonts is very important. Font conflicts, duplicate fonts installed, missing fonts or corrupt fonts may cause fonts to not embed properly into the PDF or become corrupt.
  • Ensure you have the proper font licensing when using specific fonts.

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Font Issue Resolutions:
  • Converting all fonts to outlines, or flattening all fonts.
  • Choosing another font may be your only option if problem can’t be corrected
Files match backside color selected (Full Color or B&W)
  • Please verify that you have selected the proper backside color (4/4 full color vs 4/1 black & white) and that your PDF file matches your selection. 4/1 backsides should only contain grayscale elements.

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Modern Postcard is very easy to work with and provides beautiful products.
Bethany Frasco
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