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Marketing solutions that are right for your size.

1 to 4 Employees
5 to 19 Employees
20 to 99 Employees
100+ Employees
 Typically the Owner or one other person does the marketing.

We’ve heard that it’s really hard to find the time for marketing when you’re wearing a lot of hats, trying to manage costs, and figure out how to get more sales and grow. In addition, it’s hard to know what works: in fact, about 60% of Small Businesses don’t know what works with their marketing. We’ve helped tens of thousands of Small Businesses get more leads and create repeat customers. Let’s get started.

We recommend starting with display or hand-out collateral like postcards or business cards.

Elevate to Direct Mail.
This is a great transitional size for a small business!

You’re on the cusp of growing more, or trying to maintain what you’ve built. We remember this time in our own growth history, when our marketing staff was just one or two folks juggling a lot of tasks. If that’s the case for you, we can help by being your ‘outsourced’ marketing department. Learn more about us.

We’ll help supplement your digital marketing efforts with print and direct mail ideas. Your limited resources might not have the time or experience to design, secure lists, or handle the management of this kind of marketing. And for your size of business, direct mail can help you drive more leads and engage existing customers. We’ll put together the entire program: education, lists, creative, execution.

Elevate to purchasing a list.
At this stage, most businesses have a formalized Marketing Department.

It could be 2-5+ folks, and usually you’ve carved out different roles, probably with a social media coordinator, maybe other digital or specialized marketing resources, too.

You also might have a designer or use an agency. For businesses in this growth stage, we work with your in-house Marketing and Design talent to advise and fulfill. We can just review your design and list files before printing or mailing, or we can advise and help create your campaigns. Learn about our process.

We’ve seen in recent years that many marketers haven’t been educated or experienced in direct mail, so we can help your team successfully transition from digital marketing to direct mailing. In any case, we help manage whatever part – or all – of the campaign you need.

Elevate to customer profile reports.
Larger businesses know persistent marketing drives growth.

In these larger companies, you probably have a marketing team with multiple roles, maybe based on channels (digital, acquisition, etc.). Whether you’re mailing to 5,000 or 15 million customers, national mailing programs have a lot of complexity and budget allocation.

We can help your direct mail deliver an ROI and constantly reduce your cost per acquisition. Learn more. 

We work directly with your marketing manager or your agency to help manage campaigns. The brands we work with have been with us for years, and we’re continually refining lists, testing creative, and improving response. It’s an exciting time for Direct Mail: new technologies and integrated marketing programs are lifting response rates and helping companies grow.

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Your industry is different, and you don’t need a cookie-cutter solution.

We understand the problems and goals in each industry. We get it.
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Creative Industries

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Since 1992, Modern Postcard is the expert source for high quality printing, targeted lists and in-house mailing services, having served over 320,000 customers in Small, Mid-Market, and Enterprise businesses.We are a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating.