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Buyers Too Busy To Read?

3 Visual Cues That’ll Boost Response Rates

You can say a lot without words
You can lift response on any mailing with visual cues that readers can’t miss, skim or ignore. These cues are like shorthand — prospects know what they mean even if they don’t have the time to carefully read your message. You know, for example, that paper stock, colors and style can create a distinct impression even before prospects read a word. Here are some other signs that pack a punch:

  1. Blast through with a burst
    Even if customers skim a letter or catalog, it’s hard for them to avoid reading a bright burst or a sticker in a prominent spot. Red or yellow usually stands out the most on direct mail, says graphic design expert Jennifer Osterhouse. And if you’re offering a free bonus, show an image of it throughout the mailing.
  2. Some fonts send a message
    Your buyers don’t have to read to get your message. For example, you can give a mailing the look of personal stationery by:

    • Using Courier type. It gives the old-fashioned look of a typewriter
    • Adding handwriting. “Handwritten” notes in the margins, a signature or underlining attract a reader’s eyes
    • Including a line at the top that says “From the desk of…”
  3. Picture’s worth a thousand words
    Research shows that conversion rates improve if you offer prospects a range of ways to pay. One quick way to send a message: Use credit card icons. They’re so ubiquitous that buyers know what they mean without reading the copy.

Adapted from “5 Ways to Design Direct Mail for Greater Response,” by Jennifer Osterhouse Graphic Design, 410-798-8585.

Reprinted with permission from
The Marketing Report
370 Technology Drive
Malvern, PA 19355