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Ensure Direct Mail Drives Response

How One Company Did It

Here’s an effective way to make sure your next direct mail piece generates response:

Use a quick Web survey to find out which product or service resonates most with your target market.

That’s the strategy b-to-b company Tektronix used recently with great success.

The folks at Tektronix had a new product with a laundry list of potential benefits. Problem was, they weren’t sure which would grab prospects most and get them to respond.

Avoid shooting in the dark
To avoid shooting in the dark, the company:

  1. Sent an e-mail to an in-house prospect list. The message offered a free 60-page guide that promised to help prospects do their jobs better.
  2. Drove prospects to the survey instead of an online form. When the prospects clicked, they were taken to a survey instead of the usual registration form. To download the guide, prospects had to complete the brief survey
  3. Analyzed the results. After crunching the numbers, Tektronix uncovered four key benefits of its product that prospects latched onto. Two were surprises.
  4. Developed a direct mail piece that highlighted the key benefits and sent it to in-house and outside lists.
    To boost response, it let prospects respond online, by phone or through a business reply card (BRC). Results?
    The Direct Mail piece generated 3.2% overall response, with a 6.1% response from the house list.

Sixty percent responded with the BRC, 38% responded online and 2% called for more info.

Adapted from: “How to Improve Direct Mail Responses by Surveying Prospects Before You Start Copywriting,”


Reprinted with permission from
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