Everybody Wins a Prize!

Would This Work in B2B?

We wanted to use a big trade show to get our name out there.

It was a new niche market that included top execs and business buyers who were well acquainted with the luxuries of life.

Somehow, we had to whip up excitement without a budget that matched our buyers' champagne tastes. So we decided to borrow from old-fashioned sideshows and offer everyone who visited our booth a free prize.

Nothing fancy, — some yo-yos, t-shirts, etc.

To promote our booth, we placed ads in the trade press. We followed up by sending postcards to a small list of prospects a few weeks before the show.

Step right up and win a prize

Our ads and postcards were straightforward. They said who we were, what we offered and where we'd be at the trade show.

And we reminded them that if they sent our reply card back, or visited our booth, they'd win a free prize.

We didn't know if important people like this would be motivated by a small prize.

But everybody likes to be a winner. Of the 300 postcards we sent, 50 people brought or mailed a card back. Sales have doubled. (Sandra Hickey, sales and marketing assistant, International Communications Group, Newport News, VA)

Reprinted with permission from
The Marketing Report
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Malvern, PA 19355

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