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Fight Fuzzy Communication – And Connect with Buyers

Stand out from rivals with straight talk.

Straight shooters have a big business opportunity to make a stronger connection with buyers that other companies may miss.

Rivals may be drowning customers and prospects in “bull,” says a new book.

Four traps
But you can stand out by avoiding these traps that cause fuzzy communication:

  1. Obscurity trap: Many companies obscure their real message by using too much jargon, too many acronyms, long sentences and big words. To delete clarity killers, try removing clichés like “seamlessly integrated” or “outside the box.”
  2. Anonymity trap: You may use the same words over and over in your marketing. Why? It’s easier and safer than thinking up new ones – and they’re accepted industry talk. But too much sameness makes one product blur into the next.
  3. The hard-sell trap: Even the slightest whiff of the hard-sell can scare prospects. Yet most marketers are under pressure to accentuate the positive. To impress prospects and customers, speak plainly about what your product or service can’t do. That’ll make prospects more likely to believe what you can do.
  4. Tedium trap: In real life, everyone loves to tell stories and exchange trivia. Yet business communication often deletes the compelling details. The solution? Approach marketing like a storyteller.


Info: “Why Business People Speak Like Idiots: A Bullfighter’s Guide,” Brian Fugere et al., The Free Press.

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