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Watch Out! Friendly Folk May Be Unwittingly Costing You Sales

Providing clear guidelines can keep them on the same page
Even the most experienced marketers may be losing leads because they pay too much respect to “experts” in other areas. The trouble: They don’t have the same goals as you. Here are three common marketing sicknesses you can get from other departments:

Your copy may sizzle but it doesn’t matter if it suffers from “art-directoritis.” Before handing copy to any artsy folk, make them promise not to use:

  • type smaller than 10 point
  • copy that’s justified on both sides
  • reverse type (white on black), and
  • long paragraphs and sentences.

You work hard to develop copy that motivates prospects to register on your Web site. But if you don’t keep a close eye on your Web gurus, they can cost you 94% of these leads. That’s how many prospects you can lose from long registration forms, says
Many techies make forms too difficult and time-consuming. So challenge your technical folk to remove fields, instead of adding them. For example, you don’t really need town and state if you’ve got a ZIP Code.

Every company has a senior exec who insists that every marketing piece should cover the company’s glorious history, its smart execs, etc. Agreeing could cost you business, especially if the overall focus of your marketing is on your company and not customers.

One way to find out: Count the number of pronouns about your company (we, us, our) and compare them with the number focusing on customers (like you, your and ours). If your copy’s long on you and yours, you’ll increase conversions.


Source: “Top 10 B-to-B Lead Generation Marketing Mistakes,”

Reprinted with permission from
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