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8 Ways To Get More Revenue From Existing Campaigns

When the CEO turns up the heat, the natural instinct is to come up with a hot, new campaign that will meet the revenue targets.

But you may be better off tweaking the current marketing campaign.

Not only can you get into the field quicker, you don’t risk a complete flop, which is always a potential pitfall of trying a new campaign.

Here are eight ways to pump up new life into an existing campaign:

  1. Add more testimonials
    Prospects are less skeptical of third-party endorsements than a company’s product claims.So consider moving them up to the forefront of your campaign or add some if they aren’t there already.Weave them into copy, and highlight the best at the top of Websites, letters and sales collateral.
  2. Use more graphics
    Look to add photos, illustrations, charts — anything that gives prospects a new perspective or aids their understanding of the message.A good idea to test: Try a “Reasons Why” box that includes a headline like “Five Reasons Why You’ll Make Money/Boost Sales.”
  3. Load up on bullets
    Put more bullets in marketing copy to give it a different look and make the words seem more urgent and easier to read.Bullets speed up copy. The faster they read the sooner prospects buy.
  4. Modify the offer
    Make the offer harder or softer. Add a bonus. Change the terms. Offer a longer or stronger guarantee.Every critic of marketing makes fun of the phrase “new and improved,” but remember — it boosted sales for years and it still has impact with shoppers.
  5. Try new headlines
    Just changing the biggest words on the page can triple or quadruple results in direct mailings or e-mails.
    Some proven strategies:

    • Make a startling announcement or conveying news like “Nine out of 10 companies lost money when they ignored this advice.”
    • Highlight a glowing testimonial or promise a breakthrough in product development
  6. Polish the small type
    Start by changing the opening sentences to make sure they flow smoothly and logically with any new headlines.
    Then take a stab at the subheads and transition statements.The best combinations of headlines, subheads and boldfaced type let a reader absorb the entire message without having to read the smaller print.
  7. Incorporate the Internet
    Direct mail often works best in combination with the internet.It’s proven a program that relies on 800 numbers or postcard responses can see results leap when prospects are directed to a dedicated website.But consider other possibilities as well, such as directing prospects to a survey they can complete in return for a gift or premium.

    Or sending them to a 5-minute slide show or video that touts the benefits of a product.

  8. Change color
    Add, subtract or change the colors of paper, type or graphics. Changing the look of a familiar mailing can prevent it from being thrown out.


Sources: Russ Phelps/Maximum Marketing,

Reprinted with permission from The Marketing Report
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Malvern, PA 19355