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Want People to Know You’re There? Send Them Some Direct Mail

Jerry Heisler
Keeping your name in front of customers and prospects is essential if your business is to continue to grow. Direct mail is a great way for you to accomplish that. Why not make a list of five or six good reasons why people should do business with you? It might include things such as:

  • Biggest selection of your particular kind of merchandise
  • Best prices in town
  • An experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • Availability of repair services or installation
  • A particularly innovative product or service
  • Guarantee of satisfaction

Consider sending a series of five or six postcards, each covering one particular feature of your business. By scheduling your mailings to arrive once a month or once every six weeks, you’ll remind prospects of your business while giving them something specific to remember about you.
Perhaps you have a product or service that people buy only infrequently. Maybe you sell automobiles, heating and air conditioning or TV sets. People may buy once in five years. When it’s time for them to buy you want them to think about you and your business.

We know a number of realtors who make good use of this idea. Obviously people buy or sell a home infrequently, but when a real estate agent handles a transaction, chances are the commissions are significant. Our agent friends make it a habit to send out useful information. One periodically sends out a “market report” commenting on current prices of real estate, days on the market and the percent of the asking price that the houses actually sold for.

Another agent periodically sends out a large postcard with the names and phone numbers of leading restaurants in the community. By providing this useful information, the realtor keeps her name in view of the potential buyer or seller every time they use the card.

Do you have some useful information that you can supply? Direct mail is an inexpensive way to get that information to your customers and prospects.

Advertising is most effective when you offer something of value to the recipient. Rather than just talking about your business, give something of value. When you build a reputation for providing value people will remember you and will want to save what you send to them.

If your information is too detailed or too costly to mail to everyone, give them the chance to ask for it by returning a postage paid reply card, accessing your website or calling you on the phone. In that way you can send the information only to those who are really interested in it. When someone specifically requests your information you can be pretty sure they are in the market for your product or service.

Very few businesses operate without competition. Your competitors are looking for the same customers you are so it’s important that you are prominently displayed in the marketplace. Direct mail enables you to accomplish that at a very reasonable cost.

Try it. It works.