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Lift Conversions: 5 Strategies that Drive Prospects to Take Action

Calls to action that live up to the name.

Calls to action like “Dial 555… for more info” and “Click here” worked great – five years ago. But today’s b2b prospects need a little more prodding to convert.

Push the right buttons
Here are five ways to turn any call to action into a conversion hot spot:

  1. Make one thing to one prospect. Some companies try to make calls to action all things to all people. That doesn’t work and ends up making prospects search for relevant content online, in a brochure, etc.

    Tip: Turn the typical, “Contact us to learn more about Acme’s products” into “Learn how our Gadget3000 can boost productivity by visiting…”

  2. Tell prospects what’s in it for them. Prospects don’t want to know how something will help them. A call to action is the perfect time to define the benefit and establish expectations.

    Examples: “Compare this product to others,” “For more money-saving tips, join our mailing list,” or “Find out how we’ve helped others like you.”

  3. Give it space. A call to action’s no good if it blends in with marketing copy. No matter what it’s on (a website, postcard, etc.), it has to stand out.

    Tip: Surround it with white space to make it stand apart from other elements on the page. Remember – bigger and brighter is better.

  4. Put it in the spotlight. Next to product and service benefits, the call to action is the most important info in collateral. So keep it above the fold. Also, it’s okay to add more than one.

    Tip: Test websites using several browsers to ensure it’s always prominent. It’s even smart to consider including text links in online copy.

  5. Provide options. No two prospects are alike, so give them multiple ways to convert. Providing a mailing address, toll-free number or adding a click-to-call feature are good options.

Reprinted with permission from The Marketing Report, 370 Technology Drive, Malvern, PA 19355, 800-220-5000

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