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Making the Most of the Honeymoon

Many companies don’t capitalize on new relationships
Does your company make the most of the first flush of romance? That’s the time when a prospect discovers you — and asks for a catalog, a sample, a subscription to your e-newsletter, etc.

The power of the new
Many companies don’t capitalize on this newness. In fact, experts at MarketingSherpa voted it the top way marketers wasted good leads. When someone’s new to your company or is a new subscriber to your e-newsletter, their interest is probably the highest it’ll ever be. So consider ways to send them a special welcome. You may be able to capitalize on this newness by:

  • Sending them case studies about a company similar to their own
  • Providing them with a best-of collection. Do you have white papers or interesting articles that you can send?
  • Making a personal phone call, or sending a letter or e-mail from a service rep in their area, and
  • Asking them to complete a survey so you can find out all about them.


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