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Successful Copywriters Master The Art Of Writing Like They Talk

Successful Copywriters Master The Art Of Writing Like They Talk.

Most people talk in a straightforward manner. We generally use short sentences. We use words that are easily understood. If we’re trying to sell someone something or convince someone to share our point of view, we emphasize our words. And yet many people, when they try to express the same ideas in writing, resort to an entirely different style. Long sentences…words that might require someone to reach for the dictionary, and convoluted sentences and ideas that serve only to confuse the reader.

Do this with direct mail copy and your results are easily predictable…they’ll be disappointing.

Successful copywriters have mastered the art of writing like they talk. Where, in conversation they might raise their voice and gesture for emphasis, on paper they underline, use bold face type, indent or perhaps use color to make a point.

We often see copy that catches your eye because it looks like it’s hand written and, therefore, more personal.

We’ve often suggested your own mailbox as the best source of education on how to prepare successful mailing packages. Study your mail carefully, reading the letters, postcards and brochures that come to you. Note the mail that particularly catches your attention and ask yourself what it is about them that makes them interesting.

We’ll bet you’re more attracted to those communications that talk to you the way you speak to others. They get your attention, hold your interest and inspire you to take action.

If that’s what attracts you, chances are it will also attract your customers.

Written by: Jerold L. Heisler
The Heisler Group, Inc.
243 Desert Holly Drive
Palm Desert, CA 92211