U.S. Postal Service Proposes Postage Increase

The USPS has recently proposed a price increase that would tentatively take effect on January 2, 2011. If this goes through, First Class stamps for letters, as well as postage for products like our Deluxe, 5x7 and Sumo Size™ cards will increase from 44¢ to 46¢. Postage for postcards such as our Standard (4.25” x 6”) will increase from 28¢ to 30¢.

The USPS discounted presorted postage rates will be increasing from 1.1¢ to 2.3¢ depending on the class of mail and size of the mail piece. These are the rates Modern's Mailing Services use when we process your mailings. As an example, the average postage for a First Class presorted mailing of 500 pieces going to the same city will increase from 35.7¢ to 37.8¢.

The proposed increases will need to go through several stages of approval including review by the Postal Regulatory Commission and final approval by the Postal Board of Governors. In addition to keeping you in the loop throughout this process, Modern will provide tips through MP News and our website that will show you how to beat the increase and lessen the impact on your overall mailing costs. Stay tuned!

Thank you Modern Postcard for a great job on producing a perfect color match on my art card. I am hugely pleased.
Nancy Sanders
NS Frames