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Vertis Customer Focus Direct Marketing: Retail

Conducted for Vertis by Marshall Marketing & Communications.

“Direct mail is proven to be an effective medium for retailers to connect with customers.”

Customer focus is Vertis® Communications’ annual study tracking consumer behavior across a wide variety of industry segments and media. First conducted in 1998 the survey identifies emerging consumer behavior patterns and tracks shifts in consumer practices and motivations. A steady infusion of fresh addresses is essential to the success of any company’s email marketing program. Here are four ways to pull in more addresses with resources most companies already have.


Select Top-Line Results from Customer Focus Direct Marketing: Retail

  • Three of four consumers surveyed (76%) state they read direct mail received from retailers. Women, ages 35-49, are the heaviest readers (86%), while men, ages 50+ are the lightest readers (65%).
  • Men, ages 35-49, report the are reading their retail direct mail much more today (77%), as compared to 2003 (64%).
    Retail Direct Marketing Readership among Men

  • Readership of retail direct mail has increased among women of all age groups. As with the men, the largest increase in retail direct mail readership is in the 35-49 age group.
    Retail Direct Marketing Readership among Women
  • Direct mail from discount and grocery stores are the types most heavily read. More than eight of 10 respondents (86%) say they pay attention to direct mail from discount stores. Almost as many (83%) report reading direct mailings sent from their grocery stores.
  • Retail direct mail messages that consumers surveyed say they have responded to:

  • Reasons that make a difference as to what direct mail consumers say they open:

Take Away:
The annual Vertis Customer Focus study has steadily demonstrated that consumers welcome direct mail. The latest findings show consumers have become even more receptive to using direct mail to seek information and obtain the best value thus proving direct mail to be an effective medium for retailers to connect with customers.


About the survey: Consumer Focus® Direct Marketing interview methodology: Telephone survey (random digit dialing) of 2,000 U.S. adults 18+, 95% reliability, 2% differential, distributed proportionately.

Reprinted with permission from Print in the Mix – A Clearinghouse of Research on Print Media Effectiveness