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Direct Mail Fundamentals

Maximum Direct Mail Profitability

Direct Mail is one of the most profitable types of advertising you can do. Are your campaigns profitable? In this webinar you will learn how to maximize your profits and track the profitability of every campaign.

Creating an Effective Direct Mail Piece

Direct Marketing Expert Keith Goodman will walk you through creating an effective direct mail piece. He will cover the combined use of imagery, copy, offers and call-to-action to crate a highly responsive piece to get you the highest ROI possible.

Direct Mail Crash Course

This comprehensive course covers all the fundamentals of economy-proof direct mail campaigns. Presenter and marketing expert Keith Goodman will talk you through each step, from targeting your ideal prospects using the right lists to writing copy that sells and maximizes your ROI.

Mailing Services

Mailing Service Fundamentals

Are you one of millions of marketers who mail 200 or more pieces? Are you considering using direct mail for your marketing initiatives? Then this insightful webinar is for you! Learn to save time and money, as well as ensure the on-time delivery of your mailers.

Improved Mail Delivery for Increased ROI

The follow-up to our Mailing Fundamentals webinar, this session delves deeper and helps you discover ways to optimize campaigns for a greater return on investment. This webinar lays the foundation for boosting deliverability while reducing overall postage and mailing costs by ensuring that your direct mail is delivered accurately and on time.

Intelligent Mail

This session will show you how to secure deep postage discounts and improve your mailing deliverability with the Postal Service’s Intelligent Mail Technology.

Mailing Lists

Dynamics of Consumer Data

This revealing session will give you simple strategies, insider advice and deeper insight into the dynamics of consumer data. This webinar will provide you with information you can use to create targeted prospect mailing lists, utilizing the most relevant demographic and geographic elements.

Advanced Data Services

The key to prospect list selection is finding out what your current customers look like and finding more people just like them! During this webinar, you’ll learn how to supercharge your next campaign without breaking the bank.

Mailing Lists

It’s a known marketing fact that 40% of your direct mail campaign depends on a list that will deliver your mail pieces to the mailboxes of your target audience. If you want every campaign to start off on the right foot, you must find the right list.