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Developing the creative

Now that you’ve identified which visitors to mail to, designing the postcards to be relevant to those visitors increases response and conversion.

The best programs have strong intention and a real purpose driving the design decisions. You’re mailing to people who have already visited your site, so focus on getting them past any potential objections to convert.

Sometimes a single creative is the best approach, and sometimes multiple creatives make sense. The best practice for choosing your creative strategy is based on your website.


  • If you are a car dealership, you may want a different creative for the categories of used versus new cars, but not a different creative for each car on the lot.
  • If you offer a service like home remodel or auto repair, a single card promoting your entire array of services and why visitors should trust and choose you versus your competitors is a good approach.
  • If you have an offer for your abandoned cart visitors that’s the same for your product page visitors, a single creative will work just fine.
  • If you have a ‘best selling’ or champion product, it could warrant its own creative alongside other product categories. At the same time, promoting that best selling product to all visitors could be a way to capture more conversions.

We use a Standard 4.25” x 6” postcard and a Jumbo 6″ x 9″ card – both mail First Class because it combines the fastest speed-to-mailbox with the most affordable postage rate. Download a layout and design guide.

If there are multiple Creatives, we need to set priorities.

Setting priorities helps determine which card your visitor receives should they qualify for multiple creatives based on the pages they visit. They will only receive one card, and we need to set the priority for which one they get.

For example, if a visitor goes to a Shoes and a Belts Page, and you set a higher priority for the Shoes creative, they’d receive that card.

Helpful Tip: Label the creatives in a way that’s both concise and descriptive. That makes them easier to identify when you review your Dashboard and Matchback reports.

 Examples: Abandoned Cart – 25% Off, Product Pages – 20% Off

Another reason to prioritize is when you have more available Addressables than your budget allows. In this scenario, you may need to prioritize based on lower-volume creatives mailing first. This avoids a single creative taking all of your budget.

For example: if your budget is limited to 50 cards/day, but…

  • Creative A averages 35 Addressables
  • Creative B averages 15 Addressables
  • Creative C averages 25 Addressables.

…you would need to put them in the following order to ensure that all 3 creatives are being mailed:

  • Priority 1 – Creative B
  • Priority 2 – Creative C
  • Priority 3 – Creative A

This means that there is leftover opportunity for Creative A, but ensures that all three creative are being mailed.

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