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Our story of becoming an industry leader is written by our customers.

What began in 1976 as a one-man operation in a one-bedroom apartment focused on individual customer needs, has grown into a company at the forefront of the postcard, printing and direct mail industries.
From the beginning, we’ve been driven by a focus on quality.

The Iris Group was started when Steve Hoffman discovered a niche in the real estate industry – providing high quality photography of properties on the market. Steve soon moved on to developing brochures for his clients, and within six months of starting his brochure venture, moved his growing business from his apartment into a 1,200 square foot building in San Diego.

Help and Service are the most-used words to describe us.

It’s true. When we look over the comments from our customers, these words are in most of our reviews. We’re grateful that our customers respond so positively, but what’s important to us is that we deliver. We’re not about the lowest price and the cheapest printing; we’re about the best quality and service at an affordable price. That’s been the history of our business since 1976.

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