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Data Append adds email, phone numbers, and more to your mailing list.

Your mailing list is your most valuable marketing asset. But you might not have all the data you need, which can reduce response to your marketing campaigns. We can help.

Our Data Append services help fill the holes in your current house list of existing customers. You might only see some of what you need: name, phone number, or just the mailing address…but what you need is a complete list. A more complete list will give you a higher direct marketing response.

Most data sets have name and mailing addresses, but not phone and email.

Most data sets have name and mailing addresses, but not phone and email.

Our Data Append services can add more data to your existing list.

Data Append services can add more data to your existing list.
If you are missing email and phone data, you’re blocked from more effectively marketing to your existing customers in a true multi-channel fashion. Studies show that adding email to a Direct Mail campaign lifts response. That’s why most of our data append requests are for email appends and phone number appends.

Our Services improve your data…

Email Append adds emails to the names and addresses in your file. Match rates are typically 40%-60% for consumer files, for business it’s about 10%-30%.

Phone Append adds phone numbers to the names and addresses in your file. Match rates are typically 30%-40% for consumers and about 10%-30% for businesses.

Reverse Append takes and name + email or phone number and matches this to a mailing address. Match rates are typically 40%-60% for consumers, and about 10%-30% for businesses.

Our Data Enrichment service for Consumer Lists appends demographic data like age, income, marital status, homeownership, occupation, and more, to your house list. Modern’s Business List appends include fields like employee size, SIC Code and Description, Annual Sales, and more. So if you’re doing B2B Marketing and need data enrichment, we can help.

…and better data improves your marketing.

Data Append turns your mailing list into a multi-channel Direct Marketing list. This means you can plan a sequence of touches to your existing customer base. Here’s a simple way to get started:

  • Send a mailing, get notified when it lands in mailboxes,
  • Then launch an email.
  • Then wait a week and follow-up with a phone call.

For more tips and advice, Download our Marketing Kit or see if there’s a Direct Mail Crash Course near you.

Expert Advice from John Griffin Hull, Data and List Manager at Modern:

For the past 15 years I have worked on data append projects for clients of all types. Many have house lists that are partially complete. I’d guess that most customer files are 60%-70% complete with first and last name, current address, phone and email. So that’s your starting point.

Because once you do the data enrichment for your house list, you can do a true multi-channel marketing campaign with mail, email, and phone call marketing. All the studies show that response rates lift when you can email or call alongside a Direct Mail program.

Simple Append: Fill the holes with the rest of the data, adding phone and emails where you don’t have them. That’s not an expensive project, and it can pay huge dividends in marketing to your house list.

Advanced Append: Add data like income, marital status, or some other key demographics that can help make your marketing more segmented. Once you do this, you can send different emails to different segments of your customer base, and also target different groups with separate direct mail campaigns. All the studies show that a more relevant, targeted, segmented marketing message increase response rates.

Residential Demographics Include:

Length of Residence
Marital Status
…and more!

Business to Business Lists Include:

SIC Code and Description
Employee Size
Annual Sales
Years in Business
Telephone Numbers
…and more!

Consumer Data Appends

Basic Bundle – Billing is based on successful matches.

Typical match rate for these elements is between 50-75%
Minimum order $500

Business Data Appends

Cottage Indicator (home based business)
Employee Size Actual
Employee Size Range
Estimated Number of Computers on Site
Estimated Number of Square Feet
Franchise Code Indicator
Import/Export Indicator
Legal Status
Manufacturing Indicator
Minority Owned Business Indicator
Non Profit Indicator
Own/Rent Building Indicator
Public/Private Indicator
SIC Code
SIC Description
Telephone Number
Top Contact Gender
Top Contact Name & Title
Website URL
Woman Owned Business
Year Business Started

This short video will illustrate how we help target customers with our variety of data & lists services.