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Common questions about submitting and uploading your print materials.

Q: I received a message stating my files are corrupt, what does that mean?
A: This message indicates that the files we received on our ftp site were corrupted in some manner, and are now unusable. All files transferred across the web are susceptible to corruption. To solve this issue, try uncompressing your files and re-uploading them to us. You may also contact your Production Team or the Customer Care Group for further assistance at 800-959-8635 x6205.

Q: Do you have specific uploading guidelines?
A: Yes, they can be found at our Uploading Guidelines page.

Q: Where do I submit my materials?
A: If you are submitting physical materials, please include your job number and mail them to:

1675 Faraday Avenue
Carlsbad CA 92008

If you are submitting digital materials (graphics files, digital mockups, or mailing lists), please compress and upload them via the following link.

Q: How do I (re)submit files?
A: You may (re)submit files through our website. For online orders, you will be prompted to upload your files at the end of the ordering process. If you already have a job number and need to submit new files, or replacement files for an existing order, click on the Submit Materials button located in the top, right corner of the website.

Note: You MUST have a job number to upload files.

Q: While uploading files, the window timed out. What should I do?
A: If the window times out, please wait a few minutes and try again. It is also recommended that you ensure that you have session cookies enabled in your browser. If you continue receiving this error message, please contact our Customer Care Group at 800.959.8365 x6205.

Q: Can I email my files to you?
A: The best way to send files to Modern Postcard is to upload your files through our website. Once you have placed an order, you can send files to us at any time by clicking on the Submit Materials button located in the top, right corner of the website. If you have any problems, please contact our Customer Care Group at 800.959.8365 x6205 for further assistance.

Q: I pressed the “Upload Link” and nothing happened. What’s going on?
A: This usually occurs when pop-up blocking software is running in your browser and stops our upload window from opening. Please allow pop-up windows on our site. If you can’t allow our site by itself, you may need to temporarily disable the pop-up blocker while uploading.

Q: Do I have to compress my files?
A: No, however file compression has many benefits. Compression allows you to send multiple files at one time. It also makes your files smaller so that it takes less time to upload and helps maintain the integrity of your files. While we would encourage you to compress your files, if you do not have the necessary software (e.g. WinZip for the PC, or Stuffit for the Mac), you can still send us files that have not been compressed.

Q: I see my uploaded files in the folder, but it says there are 0 KB. What does this mean?
A: If an uploaded file shows a size of 0 KB, it usually indicates that there was a problem during your upload. The file name arrived, but your data did not. Files showing as 0 KB may be due to Mac’s hidden metadata files being viewed on a PC. Consider compressing your files before uploading.