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Successful Postcard Formats You Can Use

Get inspiration for your direct mail campaign and learn expert tips about some of the great formats we offer.

There are many variables to consider when choosing a postcard format for a direct mail campaign. Factors like size, postage rates and design, all play a role in determining the best mailer for your campaign. And although we see a strong ROI from all of our print products, these are a few of the most popular formats and why we recommend them for direct mail campaigns.

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Sumo Size Postcard

Maximum Attention. Low-Cost Postage.

With direct mail, you need eye-catching images and enticing offers to get noticed. Our popular Sumo Size gives you plenty of space to work with and is the largest postcard that can mail at bulk rate postage.

Bonus Tip: Leverage the space to give emphasis to your most important information and make sure those elements stand out.

Panoramic Double Sumo

Picture Perfect. Space to Spread Out.

We use this postcard format for a lot of our own direct mail marketing. The interior of the Panoramic Double Sumo is almost two feet in length meaning photos and graphics really stand out while still leaving plenty of space for your offer and information.

Bonus Tip: To encourage recipients to read your full message, always include a “See Inside” teaser on the front and mailing panel for folded mailers.

Standard Postcard

Rapid Delivery. Effective Advertising.

Perfect for fast campaigns on a budget, our Standard Postcard format comes with numerous advantages. It mails at First-Class speeds cheaper than other sizes with delivery inside 1-3 days in the Southwest and 3-5 nationally.

Bonus Tip: When you mail at First Class, the USPS also provides free forwarding or returns for outdated addresses (something you can mediate through our free list hygiene services).

Honorable Mentions

Although they aren’t ‘Postcard’ products, these two formats are great self-mailers that are worth considering when you want to present your audience with a stylish and comprehensive look at your products and services.

Sumo Booklets – The largest booklet size to mail at letter rate also makes for a great mini catalog. Sumo Booklets are often kept by clients who keep your business top of mind. Go with a cardstock cover for even greater impact and longer shelf-life.

100 lb Newsletters – Keep your customers informed about your latest products, services, and offers with this 100 lb Newsletter. Modern’s 100 lb paper is cost-effective due to its lightweight properties and features a professional gloss or matte finish.

FREE Postcard Postal Regulation Guide

USPS rules and requirements can limit the deliverability of your mail and possibly incur higher postage costs. So we created this free guide to help you with your design layouts.

Note: When you print with us, we always check to ensure your mailer design meets all USPS guidelines free of charge.

Your Campaign Ideas — Our Print Expertise

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