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Increase reach and brand awareness
with digital marketing integrations.

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When Digital Marketing is combined with Direct Mail, campaign response increases by 28%.

You probably already have some kind of Digital Marketing via email, Facebook ads, PPC, SEM, or another channel. Modern’s Digital Marketing services help you enhance your direct mail efforts to engage with your audience.

Integrated Digital Marketing lifts conversion. Call 800-959-8365.

Our team has developed campaigns for small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses. 


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Modern’s team can help you choose from all the campaign options.

With all the marketing tactics available today and the ever changing trends in technology, it can be challenging to select the right mix that performs best for your business. Modern will walk you through each of our integrated digital marketing services to help you understand which tactics will be most optimal for you to reach your target audience and achieve your goals.

Convert sales with targeted, integrated Direct Marketing infographic

Add direct Digital Marketing to lift response rates.

Each campaign is different, and each business has a different need. Call us at 800.959.8365 to discuss your goals and what your business looks like. After the call, we’ll have a proposal to match your budget and what you need to accomplish.

Convert Website Visitors

Direct Mail Retargeting sends daily mailings to unconverted visitors.

Digital Retargeting follows visitors with programmatic display.

Integrate Email with Direct Mail

Append Email addresses to mailing lists, add another touch to boost response.

Email Marketing campaigns to your list or a prospect list.

Display Ads to a Targeted Audience

Addressable Geo-fencing drops display ads to your mailing list.

Display Advertising tactics targets users looking for your service.

Direct-to-Device Reaches Audiences

Mobile Advertising displays on apps and websites on all devices.

SMS and Text Marketing delivers easier engagement for your users.

The reason Integrated Direct Marketing lifts response is simple: people know, like, and trust brands that help them choose.

Direct Mail by itself isn’t enough. Email by itself isn’t enough. Digital Display by itself isn’t enough. No matter the size of your marketing department, you can attract customers and drive demand and interest when integrating Digital Marketing + Direct Mail.

30% Lift in Lifetime Value

Customers engaged in omnichannel marketing show higher LTV.
Source: Google Think Research

18% Lift in Response Rates

Marketing campaigns adding 1 or more digital media to direct mail.
Source: Merkle Study

90% Match Rate

Matching devices to mailing lists for Addressable Geo-Fence Display Ads.
Source: Modern Postcard