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Mobile Advertising Is Here To Stay

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Your competitors are reaching customers through Mobile Advertising.
We can help you do it, too.

Most businesses use some kind of Mobile Advertising to get in front of their audience. And there’s a good reason: Americans spend over 3 hours a day on their mobile devices. Whether it’s Facebook, social media marketing, retartgeting display ads, or YouTube pre-roll, mobile devices are where marketing messages are being read. Are you advertising on mobile devices?

If not, this means that you’re missing out on impressions and conversions. Even if you’ve never tested Mobile Advertising, it’s easy to get started. You don’t need a list, extensive ramp-up, or a long development cycle. We can get you started in days.

We can easily help you get started with a Mobile campaign. Call 800-959-8365.

Send the right kind of message to the devices your audience is on.


The first step in planning a Mobile Advertising campaign is thinking about who your customers are, and their day-to-day behaviors. And, about your competitors they might be visiting. All of our digital marketing goes to mobile devices, but some tactics are more suited to mobile than others. 

Ask the experts at Modern to chat with you about your business, your goals, and how we can target a message to your mobile audience. It could be that the campaign is for a sales event or an ongoing test integrated with other direct marketing channels. 

Plus, tactics like SMS Text marketing is a perfect pair with your Direct Mail campaigns.

Geofence Targeting

Send ads to people who visit a specific location, including competitors. Powerful and clever.

Digital Retargeting

Send ads to your unconverted website visitors, staying top of mind as they browse the web.

SMS Text Marketing

It’s the easiest way to activate a promo code! Give users a number to text, and you send a code.