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Addressable Geofencing Powers Mailing Lists

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Any mailing list can be augmented with Addressable Geofencing.

Every marketer is challenged with integrating their message across channels, and Addressable Geofencing helps solve that problem.

Our targeted display ads help you engage a highly-targeted audience in different ways, so you convert more business. Because face it: consumers will respond how they want to, and you have to speak to them the way they want to be spoken to.

Lift the response of your current Direct Mail. Call 800-959-8365.

Target Individual Households

Display ads go direct to the devices in the households on your list. 

Target Individual Households with Digital Marketing

Target Entire Neighborhoods

Zip codes, carrier routes, neighborhood boundaries, or saturation lists. 

Target Entire Neighborhoods Digital Marketing

Send display ads to people on any mailing list.

Workflow of an address list to household and then to phones, tablets and computer web browsers

Use Any Mailing List.

Addressable Geofencing is a technique that sends display ads to only the targeted recipients on any direct mail list.

A great list to use is unconverted leads from your CRM, or a new customer acquisition list.

While we recommend pairing with Direct Mail, this can also be a stand-alone campaign.


We match 90% to devices.

After the list is uploaded, we send the ads. The ads are measured in “impressions.”

You get to choose how many, but usually it’s about 10 impressions per name.

Example: if you have a mailing list of 5,000 addresses, we’ll prepare for 50,000 impressions.

Ads go to all device types.

We design a full suite of banner ads for display on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices like tablets and phones.

We send a “flight” of these ads, based on the number of impressions, to all devices attached to the addresses on the mailing list.

Usually we plan for 30-day flights.

A single source for multi-channel Direct Marketing.

Two women in an office looking over print and digital marketing

Avoid the hassle of juggling different vendors when launching display advertising. It’s exhausting, and you have to manage too many moving parts.

Our single team will work directly with you to plan, create, and manage your campaign. We’ll even do the creative for the display ads, too. 

Contact us today to learn more about how our Addressable Geofence campaigns can lift the response rates of your Direct Mail.