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Personalized Direct Mail Engages Customers

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Improve relevance with Personalized Direct Mail.

It’s more important than ever to engage personally with customers. Personalized Direct Mail automates the direct mail process so that each direct mail piece can look as if it’s been expressly designed and printed for a single person.

Create targeted and relevant pieces for each recipient.

Mix and match images and messaging to make your direct mail more personal and relevant to each recipient – which in turn, increases the number of measurable responses. Test offer and design elements! The opportunities to provide different offers based on targeted, personally relevant data are endless.

Personalized Direct Mail, or Variable Data Printing (VDP) combines the power of your data and direct mail.

Personalized Direct Mail
Personalized Direct Mail Marketing

Getting Started with Personalized Direct Mail

Prepare Your Materials

Before setting up the job, learn about Personalized (Variable Data Printing, or VDP) print production and templates.

Connect your Data

The Key Components of VDP are The Right Customer, Connecting the Pieces, and the Right Messages.

Terms of Service

Because hooking up the data can be complex, please review our VDP Terms and Conditions.