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Display Advertising Reaches Customers Directly

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Targeted Display Advertising, direct to your audience’s devices.

Your customers are on their laptops, desktops, mobile devices and tablets. They shop and respond to offers as they choose, on the device they’re on at that moment. Targeted Display Advertising by Modern is Direct Marketing with digital ads that go straight to your customers’ devices.

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Directly Target By Customer Behavior

Customer behavior is a powerful predictor of where they’ll buy. And if you know about your audience, we can create a campaign that targets customers based on their choices and behaviors.

Imagine marketing to customers based on where your customers actually visit and shop, like Nordstrom or Target, or a competitor’s store. And then also being able to market to folks typing in specific search terms for finding services and products like yours. It’s all possible with our Behavior Targeting.

Geofence Targeting

Serve ads to people who visit specific places you choose.
Geofence Targeting - Flow Chart

We draw a Geofenced boundary around retail stores, lifestyle destinations – even your competitors’ stores – and send Display Advertising to those customers. By capturing the devices of your customers visiting specific locations, you can advertise to buyers showing interest and real intent. Clearly, they’re shopping! 

Retail Examples: If you sell yoga clothes, Geofence yoga studios and organic super markets to directly send ads to your buyers. If you’re a car dealership, Geofence other dealerships or the local used car dealerships with your ads.

Hospitality Examples: If you’re a restaurant or cocktail bar, Geofence around specific neighborhoods or analogous locations where your customers also visit. If you’re a fitness studio, Geofence around athletic wear stores, Juice Bars, or vitamin shops.

Search Term Targeting

Send ads to customers who type in a specific set of search terms or keywords that you choose.
Search Term Targeting Flow Chart

This is an extremely powerful and precise way to reach your audience without the competition of PPC or Organic Search. If you’re having trouble out-bidding the competition or are ranked lower than they are, this is a great tactic to get directly in front of your buyers. We can help with curating a keyword list as well.

Retail Examples: If you sell men’s grooming products, display to men who are looking for beard oils, trimmers, etc., and who are already looking around at online options. If you’re selling interior decor items, use search terms that include competitors or other styles.

Services Examples: If you’re a Plumber, use search terms to display outside of the crowded PPC and Organic Search spaces. If you’re a tax accountant, use local terms to compete against enterprise or online businesses.

Pair with Direct Mail

When you use Direct Mail with Targeted Display Advertising, you lift response rates and give your customers lots of ways to respond: website visits, call-in, or clicks on the ads.

Response rates typically lift about 28% when you add digital marketing to your mailing. The experts at Modern can help you link up your mailing strategy to the right Targeted Display Advertising program to get the best lift possible.

See how to increase lift with Addressable Geofencing.

Flow chart showing how Display Advertising works

We offer solutions that fit your unique marketing needs and business goals.

The possibilities can be overwhelming when trying out new marketing ideas. What choices are best? What should you test? Here are just a few examples of how these Display Advertising tactics could work for your business.

The right choice, right now? Contact us. We can help you figure out what tactic might work best for you.