More Effective Marketing Copy
Six proven ways to add punch to any marketing materials.

Customer Communications

Laser-guided Messaging: Blow Past the Clutter and Into Customers’ Hands
Personalized relationship marketing is about to become a way of life at many companies.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail Continues to be a go-to Strategy for Direct Marketers

The Direct Marketing Association’s 2010 Response Rate Report.


Modern Postcard Helps Businesses Grow with The Direct Mail Crash Course
Learn how to attract new customers, keep existing ones and make more money in just one half-day session.


Delete-Proof Email: 6 Strategies that Boost Results

Win the race for the inbox and generate more revenue.


Getting the most out of your mailing list

The general rule in direct mail states that 40% of your campaign’s success relies on your mailing list.


Kick-Start Growth: 3 Strategies Companies Are Using to Find New Buyers

To offset slowing growth in “big business” segments, many companies are focusing on penetrating small to medium-sized (SMB) business markets.


The Right Connection

How Relationship Marketing can help your business during bad economic times.


Focus your direct response marketing for lower costs and higher response

How to determine who your best customers are and target your database marketing to similar companies and individuals for best response.

Customer Spotlight

EF | STUDIO – Eddie Funkhouser, Kai Kaden

Based out of New York, EF | STUDIO creates and sells an exclusive line of professional cosmetics. As a “process driven company” facing strict deadlines, they needed a marketing partner that could keep pace.