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3 Critical Messages Today’s Prospects Must Hear Before They’ll Take Action

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New data that companies must be ready to bring to the table.

For companies to beat out competitors today, it’s critical to keep in mind three things prospects need these days:

  1. Proof goods and services can deliver what’s promised of them
  2. The ROI they stand to gain through their purchase
  3. Assurance a company isn’t just trying to move product – but become a partner in their success

Back up claims

The mistake that’s made most often with b2b prospects: simply touting a product or service as best – without giving any proof. Today, one bad purchase is all it takes to cost a prospect his or her job, making it essential for b2b marketers to consider every technique that can back up product or service claims. What works best?

  • Citing recent research reports
  • Touting third-party product comparisons/reviews
  • Quotes from satisfied customers
  • Idea: Write quotes yourself and email them to customers asking for permission to use them. This saves time and allows you to tailor quotes for your own purposes.

Beat out price-cutters

People will spend top-dollar for goods and services, if they believe they’re getting something superior to a rival product. But many b2b prospects have trouble determining what’s worth the extra cost. The company that can prove it’ll produce the best ROI first will win their business. Trouble is, there’s not much time to make the connection. Three to five seconds is all most marketers have.

Idea: Hit them with the payoff right away. Two great opening statements:

  • “Five reasons we’re the best”
  • “Why 90% of our customers said they’d come back to us”


Reprinted with permission from
The Marketing Report
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