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Mailing Guidelines

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Mailing can be complicated, so we streamline the process.

Save money and reduce your time by working with our team. We’ll guide you through the USPS Guidelines, postage options, list preparation and more. See the resources below for more information.
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Mailing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Modern Postcard’s Mailing Services. Learn More.

Postage Types

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about postage types so you can make the right choice. Learn More.

Modern’s Postal Analytics

CASS Certification, ZIP Codes, Barcodes, etc. We have unique ways to save you postage. Learn More.

Return Addresses

It may seem small, but including your return address in your layout is a smart idea. Learn More.

Postal Regulations

Requirements ensure proper automated handling of your postcards by the Post Office. Learn More.

Video of Mailing Best Practices

Our Video on Mailing Services provides a ton of information. Learn More.

Direct Mail Crash Course

Coming to a city near you, we offer FREE Education on how to create impactful and effective Direct Mail Campaigns.

FREE Marketing Kit

Gain insider tips and expertise that will help you launch effective direct marketing campaigns.