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SMS Marketing Engages Quickly

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Since your customers are on their phones, try out SMS Marketing.

All of your customers are on their mobile devices. It’s how business gets done, customers engage with brands, and how you can reach them with SMS Marketing.

SMS Marketing is a very simple concept: users text a “Short Code” to a specific number, and then get an offer or message from you.

We set you up with the campaign to see how you’d like to reach and engage your audience. You can go with a transaction, an offer, a link to a page, PDF, coupon, you name it. You can also have a multi-step campaign, where they might choose an option and get a different response.

Learn all the options available to reaching your audience on their phones. Call 800-959-8365.

SMS Marketing integrates easily and effectively with Direct Mail.

It’s a fairly straight-forward procedure for us to deploy SMS Marketing, with or without a Direct Mail campaign. Once we set up a Short Code “ModernIDM”, we connect it to a number “474747,” and you’re ready to go. Choose different Short Codes for different campaigns for seasonal or product-based sales. 

Pricing is affordable, and our team is ready to listen to your ideas on how you can use this effective channel to integrate your marketing and lift response rates.

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