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You Build Your Layout

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Let’s guide you through the Templates,
File Setup and Save / Export Settings

We accept files in any color space (RGB, CMYK, Pantone*, etc.), and have calibrated our press and color settings based on the latest technologies and decades of experience.
Submitting digital images?

Let Modern do the work for you. Simply submit your digital images as-is and we’ll take care of the color management. We will convert your submitted colors to our custom printing ICC profile, which reflects the precise inks and the exact paper on which your job will print.

* If the reproduction of your Pantone (aka PMS or spot) color is critical, please provide Modern Postcard with a physical sample. Pantone’s library of colors have both expanded greatly and have been updated, and sometimes this has caused unreliable conversions among the different desktop publishing applications.

Submitting press-ready layout files?

If you are building your own layout, we can still take care of the color management for you. Please download and install our Color and PDF Export settings to improve our accuracy when color managing your files.

You also have the option of color managing your files and color calibrating your system by ordering our Color Kit, and downloading our ICC Printer Profiles. This will help you calibrate your monitor and convert your digital files to better match the output of our 4-color press.

Download File Setup & Save / Export Settings