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Convert your Email Subscribers!

Use your Email list to fuel ongoing Direct Mail.

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Convert Your Email Subscribers
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Direct Mail converts non-buyers who showed an interest.

Email subscribers are easy to get, but difficult to convert.

And, even if your Email open rate is 30%, that means 70% of your subscribers don’t even open the emails!

We can help you make the most of your subscriber list. We can turn a massive percentage of those emails into names and postal addresses to fuel ongoing, hyper-targeted Direct Mail program.

It’s time to get those subscribers to convert and buy.

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It’s fast and easy to turn emails into actionable Direct Mail!

Send us a list of your email subscribers.

We match about 50% – 70% to name and postal address.

We launch daily, weekly or monthly mailings.

For one low price-per-piece, all programs include:
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Email is great, but it has its limits so get the most out of your list!

You’re spending money to get traffic and email subscribers. 
But if those subscribers don’t see your email immediately when they’re looking at their phone, it gets lost in the inbox.

Think about it…your Emails compete with hundreds of others scrolled by on a phone. But, your Direct Mail advertising competes against just a handful of mailpieces, and your recipient has already expressed an interest in your brand! That’s why Direct Mail postcards have a 100% open rate.


Average # of emails received per day


Average % of open rate (btw. 20 - 40)
  • Gen Z 67% 67%
  • Millennials 59% 59%
Generational habit viewing emails on smartphones

(Source: Bluecore)

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