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Our Direct Marketing Consultants Guide You Every Step of the Way

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Direct Mail Consultation Removes Any Doubt About Direct Marketing.

Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that every aspect of your direct marketing campaign is handled by seasoned experts who only want you to succeed. That’s exactly what you can expect when you work with Modern’s direct marketing consulting services.

With the help of a direct mail consultant, you can drastically improve your direct mail campaigns, allowing you to reach more people and increase sales.

What is Direct Marketing Consultancy?

Direct marketing allows businesses to communicate directly with their prospects by distributing material to customers who are most likely to acquire their product or service. You can choose those customers based on important factors such as their region, age range, and gender.

Direct mail marketing, whether in the form of a postcard, a letter, a brochure, or a catalog, gets your advertisement into the eyes and hands of your customers. It is an excellent technique to increase your ROI while also ensuring that you are targeting the proper audience.

So how can a direct mail consultant help? Direct mail consulting services offer experienced assistance that leads you through the whole process of developing a successful direct mail marketing campaign. Direct marketing consultants will track and evaluate the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns, making recommendations to improve the process and ensure success.

With a direct mail consultant, you will receive expert advice and perspectives on a variety of topics relating to your direct mail strategy and constant support and guidance.

Why Choose Modern Postcard

When you work with a direct marketing consultant from Modern, you get a dedicated Direct Marketing Specialist guiding your program from start to finish. And that direct mail consulting specialist is backed by in-house teams of experts in data, lists, creative, print, mail and integrated digital marketing. So from one single-source, you have an entire direct marketing engine helping you drive new business.


  • Block your competitors: Set a Geofence around competitor’s store locations and send digital display ads.
  • Increase conversion on your website: Retarget your website visitors with postcards.
  • Market to prospects who look like your best customers: Create a list of best-odds prospects from your customer file for direct mail.
  • Mail to subscribers who don’t open your emails: Turn your email subscriber list into your own direct mail list to mail to the ones who don’t open your emails.

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How Our Direct Marketing Consulting Services Work

At Modern Postcard, your direct mail campaign will be managed by a team with over 25 years of experience. They will provide superior direct mail consulting services as well as marketing tactics to help your business grow and flourish.


Our direct mail consultants will help you develop a well-thought-out strategy for generating leads, nurturing those leads, and measuring those leads.


Finding the perfect audience can be difficult, but we can help. Your list accounts for 40% of your success, thus our direct marketing consultants will create the ideal list for your company. We will help you reach the right prospects and turn prospects into buyers.

Strategy and Design

You must ensure that your offer does not end up in the trash with hundreds of others. Your direct mail must stand out and capture the attention of your customers. We’ll work with you to create the best offer for your specific direct mail application. Our direct marketing consulting services will decide whether a letter, postcard, or brochure is the most effective format.


Quality printing is required if you want to stand out from the crowd. We will help you create tailored, effective, and superior offerings. With our unique print and mail formats, your customers won’t be able to turn the other way.

Analysis and Improvements

Once you’ve delivered your mail and obtained some results, it’s critical to measure those results to identify where you can improve and fulfill your goals even further. Our direct marketing consultants can help you evaluate what you need to change and what you can do in your next mailing cycle to achieve even greater results.

Your direct mail must capture and hold the attention of your customers. If your audience disregards your message, you will receive nothing in return. With Modern Postcard’s expert direct mail consulting services, you can create a successful campaign and deliver an offline experience unlike any other.

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