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Reach New Homebuyers & Movers!

Send automatic Direct Mail
to someone ready to buy.


New Homebuyer Program        New Mover Program

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Be the first to engage with new homebuyers and movers!

This is ideal for any business in home services, appliances, home repair, landscape, furniture, and other industries that are looking to capture customers in the first year of moving into a new home. Getting in front of them first increases your chances to get – and keep – their business.

With Modern’s Homebuyer & New Mover Trigger Mailing Programs, you can send postcards to your targeted Zip Codes faster and more effectively than any other direct mail approach.

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Automatically put your brand in new movers hands when they’re ready to buy!

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Addresses of new home sales and moves are collected from public records.

New Homeowner System/Platform

Our System matches your creative to new prospects in your targeted Zip Codes

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Your postcards promoting your business are automatically mailed to someone ready to buy!

Programs are all-inclusive, and include:

All-Inclusive Services

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New Homebuyer

This program leverages speed to market. Our data is sourced from County Recorder published data only 2 to 3 weeks after home sale event, and fuels daily mailings.

  • 2 to 3 weeks from escrow close to in-home with mailing
  • Daily Feed of data and mailings
  • Filter on Zip Code and Home Value
  • Unique list and process to reach high-value targets


New Homebuyer Program

New Mover

This program takes advantage of when people move. The national data is between 30 to 60 days past the move, and we have set up weekly mailings to get your promotions out faster.

  • 30 to 60 days from move-in to in-home with mailing
  • Weekly mailings
  • Choose Zip Codes for target market
  • Fast process to reach high-value targets


New Mover Program

Customers are looking for new services when they move.

On average, a new mover spends about $10,000 within 180 days of the move.
This audience is primed to receive marketing for services like yours and is open and expecting to spend during this event.

In fact, contacting new residents within 60 days of their move is 80 times more successful than contacting an established resident, and they are 5x more likely to become long-term customers if you reach them first.


Average FICO Score of New Homebuyer


% of Movers Redeeming Coupons During Move
  • Younger Millennials (22-30) 82% 82%
  • Older Millennials (31-40) 48% 48%
  • Gen X (41-55) 22% 22%
Generational report of First-Time Buyers from NAR
Learn more about which program would be best for your business!


New Homebuyer Program        New Mover Program

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