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Help Us Achieve Correct Color

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Send us a Color Sample.

If color is important to you, and you are sending us a digital image, also send us a physical sample (print or transparency) that looks the way you expect your file to print.

Any materials that you send to us will be returned to you, but we recommend that you do not send us valuable, or one-of-a-kind artwork, as we are not responsible should damage occur in transit.

NOTE: If you have been assigned a job number be sure to include the job number along with the materials you submit.

Sample Types:
  • print from your color printer
  • An actual photographic print, slide, or large format transparency (This doesn’t have to be the exact same image. It can actually be a different image with the ideal values of what you want, as long as it is not too different from the file you want to use)
  • tear-sheet from a magazine or other printed sample that shows us the overall values you want
  • Color swatches (these can be fabric, paint chips, or any other physical sample that has the color you want)
Why send us a sample?

While the image may look great on your computer, it may not print that way on our press. By sending a sample of what you want the image to look like, our digital artists can then advise you of any differences, and what cost, if any, to modify your image so it prints more like your sample.

Can we make it look exactly the way you want?

Not always. Not all colors can be reproduced when printing with CMYK process inks. However, by sending us a sample, we will be able to get as close as is possible.