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Taking the Guess Work Out of Renting a List.

Successfully marketing to prospects can be a daunting task. Unlike your current customers who might respond to mailers with nothing more than a basic offer – prospects need to be informed, wooed, coaxed and reminded.

Now, Modern Postcard’s new Analytics Program bridges the gap by harnessing powerful modeling software to identify prospects closely resembling current customers who have responded to your mailers and offers. And the results? Higher response rates, increased order averages and a compelling ROI.

In a nutshell, here’s what we do:

  • Analyze your existing customer list to find common demographic and geographic attributes
  • Provide you with a snapshot that will show you precisely what your best customers look like
  • Build a Prospect Model using predominant characteristics within your current customer list
  • Generate a list of “Pure Prospects” who look like current customers, but are yet to purchase

Modern Postcard’s Analytics Program examines thousands of patterns, which produces a highly targeted list that enables you to mail the right offer to the right prospect. It basically takes all the guess work out of the traditional list rental process, where you buy data based on who you might perceive (or want) your target audience to be.

At this point, you’re probably waiting for the other shoe to drop – or us to reveal a big fat price tag. Well, here it goes. Modern’s Analytics Program provides the profiles and models for free. You simply pay for the names, which range from 8-15 cents per name with a 5,000 name minimum order/per order.

So what’s the standard price for analytics? Typically, it’s in the $2,500 range, just to run a Profile Report or build a Model, with prices often being much higher. You then have to go and pay list rental fees on top of that, which typically fall in the 15-25 cents per name range.

So why is Modern Postcard so inexpensive? Unlike traditional and costly Analytic Bureaus that need a swarm of statisticians to write, develop and run algorithms based on your customer data set – our agency has written the logic and plugged it into a fully automated, web-based program. Not only does this drive down costs, but it also shortens our turnaround time, from 4-6 weeks to just 3-5 business days.

Of course, the best way to understand our new Analytics Program is to try it for yourself. And the first step is to get in touch with our list experts. They’ll walk you through all the details, show you samples and serve up a list that will help increase both response rates and revenue.

Send an email now to: or call 800.959.8365 to learn more.