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Enhance Your Customer List

Most small to mid-size businesses do a tremendous job of logging every piece of office equipment they purchase, including computers, fax and copy machines that depreciate by 50% the moment they take possession. However, far less attention to detail is often afforded to a piece of the business that matters the most – the customer database.

In fact, many businesses could have their offices burn down one day and reopen the next simply by having a clean copy of their customer database. Being able to communicate is just that vital to business.

Because your customer database is by far your most important asset, keeping accurate data on file is absolutely critical. Sure, using a rented list and direct mail tactics will attract prospects and grow your business, but mailing to existing customers will almost always outperform lists you rent or buy. Reason being is that your customers:

  • Know who you are
  • Know how to find you
  • Know your products

That said, selling to your customers is not only easier, but provides increased open rates, read rates, response rates, redemption rates and ultimately maximum ROI.

The question is, besides your customers’ names and addresses, what other information do you know?

Today’s leading companies that use direct mail as part of their marketing plan ask themselves this very question every day. And they are always looking for ways to capture, maintain and leverage additional information about their customers on future communications. Through surveys, questions posed upon account registration and data enhancement services, these leaders are able to add very valuable data fields to their customer database on a constant basis.

Here are 3 questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Do you have any additional information besides name and address on your customer list?
  2. Are you asking customers additional questions when they sign up and are the responses making their way into your customer list?
  3. Do you have access to a service that allows you to append/enhance demographic and firmagraphic data to your customer list?
    All three of these questions are within your control, including question number 3…


Through the Modern Enhancement Program, you provide us with the name/company name, address, city, state and zip code of every customer and prospect on your existing list. Our experts will then add a wealth of granular, demographic details that you can use in all of your campaigns.

For residential based lists, popular demographics include:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Homeownership
  • Gender
  • Length of Residence
  • Marital Status
  • Occupation

For business-to-business lists, you can add the following:

  • SIC Code and Description
  • Employee Size
  • Annual Sales
  • Years in Business
  • Growth Trend Data
  • Telephone Numbers

This program is also ideal for Variable Data Printing (VDP) campaigns. The demographic details can easily be used to create fully personalized direct mail pieces that look as if they’ve been individually printed for each recipient.

To learn more about this program and how it can help you launch more effective customer mailings, please feel free to: