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More Effective Marketing Copy

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Six proven ways to add punch to any marketing materials.

Compelling copy is what consistently turns prospects into buyers. And marketing messages that engage prospects and call them to action contain several common elements.

Copy that sings

Here are six proven ways to add punch to any marketing materials:

  1. Write with an actual person in mind. It doesn’t matter who – current customer, relative, friend, but writing for someone specific creates a more personable and genuine message. That message will resonate with prospects.
  2. Hook ’em with the first line. Prospects typically decide whether or not to read on within four seconds. So saying what they stand to gain in the first line is critical.
  3. Relevant, specific benefit info is key. Prospects want to know exactly what a company and its products can do for them. Specific, verifiable and meaningful info gets them to the next level.
    Example: Don’t say the product is fastest. Tell prospects that it gets the job done in half the time and saves labor.
  4. Write like you talk. The most effective copy reads like a conversation. So it’s OK to start sentences with “and” or “but”.
  5. Question yourself. Ask yourself: “If I was reading this, would it force me to take action?” If the answer’s no, a rewrite is in order.
  6. Break up the copy. Short, crisp paragraphs that use bullet points, underlining, italicized words, etc., for variety keep prospects engaged. But be careful not to go overboard and overuse these tools. Emphasizing everything actually emphasizes nothing.


Reprinted with permission from The Marketing Report, 370 Technology Drive, Malvern, PA 19355, 800-220-5000.