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Web helped us track leads and success
When leads came in through our Web site, direct mail, trade shows or ads, we simply faxed or e-mailed them to our distributors, who were supposed to follow up. Problem was, we often couldn’t determine if the leads we passed onto Sales were ever used or converted into sales. We needed a transparent way to track the leads and collect the data necessary to quantify the return on our marketing.

That’s when we decided to build a secure Web site that:

  • allowed us to publish lead info online and forward it to distributors, and
  • encouraged distributors to document their progress toward closing sales.

Learned which leads offer best ROI
When distributors log in, they land on a personalized page that displays e-mail messages containing new leads and strategies for closing them. Distributors are then required to report — through the same site — whether earlier leads were contacted and if a sale was eventually made. This info goes straight into our database where it’s analyzed to help us improve our processes. For instance, we now know which type of lead offers the highest ROI. And we’ve also learned which distributor has the best conversion rate. This data has helped us improve our overall marketing and grow sales.

(Leo Yokiel, director of marketing for commercial laundry, Maytag Commercial Laundry, Newton,)

Steal These Ideas

Offer objective info
People want to be sure they’re making a sound buying decision. To make them more comfortable, consider providing third-party reports relevant to their needs and your products.

Reprinted with permission from
The Marketing Report
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