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Make Your Corporate Brochure Work Harder and Sell More

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Is your company’s brochure too general? Many look sharp and offer broad info, but lack a clear purpose. You may be able to make yours work harder by applying some of these techniques used by veteran b-to-b marketer Stuart Ayling.

What’s the objective?
The best way to get hard results from a brochure is to start with a clear objective. For instance, is your brochure to introduce a new service? Is it to provide technical data? Is it to generate leads via fax-back form? Focus on the action you want readers to take. The content and design need to support your primary objective.

Define your audience
Great brochures also have a specific audience in mind. Picture who you’re creating it for and identify what that person needs to know. To make your brochure stand out with this audience, determine what else they’re reading. Review rivals’ brochures for style and content.

Make it easy to respond
Why make it hard for prospects to respond? Provide phone numbers in a prominent spot and increase the size of that text.

If you’re going to list your web site on the brochure, use a redirect or add a tracking code to the URL so you can measure how well the brochure is actually driving prospects to your site.

The key: Don’t publish the unique URL on any other materials. Otherwise you won’t be able to track where the traffic’s coming from.


Adapted from: “6 Steps to Design Effective Brochures” by Stuart Ayling,

Reprinted with permission from
The Marketing Report
370 Technology Drive
Malvern, PA 19355