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Find the Best Prospects With the Right List

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Modern Postcard makes available a full suite of mailing list products designed to help you reach your desired target audience. Why rely on guesswork to find new customers when you can zero-in on the best set of prospects possible? Whether you’re interested in finding business or consumer prospects, we can help you narrow down the list.

  • Consumer List – Target consumers by a full range of demographics in your target market areas.
  • Business List – Target businesses by industry, size and more – anywhere locally or in the U.S.
  • Occupant List – Completely saturate your market while enjoying rock bottom postage rates.
  • Specialty List – Target ANY licensed professional in the U.S. such as Lawyers, Doctors, Real Estate or Insurance Agents, Nurses and more. Opportunity awaits with our Specialty List products, including over 40,000 lists available on the market today.
  • Recession Based Data Products – Reach prospects based on how they’re being affected by the current economy. Learn more
  • Modern Analytics – Give us a list of your best customers and we’ll find more that look just like them! Through Modern Analytics, you can test a list of prospects for as little as $400 and receive a FREE custom Profile & Customer Model Report at the same time. Learn more

FREE list counts are available online for the above Consumer, Business and Occupant Lists. Find out how many prospects are available to you by running a count today. Click now

For more information on any of our list products, feel free to call a Direct Marketing Specialist at 800.959.8365 , or send an email to: