No. 1 Reason Existing Customers Leave: Ways to Keep Them Buying

Keep your most valuable buyers with these low-cost tactics

Why do customers leave a business, even after years of buying? A research project conducted in Washington D.C. revealed the following reasons:

  • 1% Death
  • 3% Move
  • 5% Buy from a friend
  • 9% Swept up by competitors
  • 14% Price
  • 68% Perceived indifference

Why do so many customers feel as though they’re treated indifferently? They aren't reminded often enough that their business is valued.

Proven, low-cost ways to show appreciation: letters, cards, phone calls and email.

Consider using these messages and times to reach out:

After a customer says ‘no’

Thank them for giving you the opportunity to win their business again, and remind them to keep you in mind for future needs – as you’re always adding new products/services.

Following a referral

Thank customers and reassure them that their colleagues will receive the same respect and attention they’ve always received.

After a conversation

Tell them how much you were able to learn about their business needs, and let them know when and how you’ll contact them again.

At Thanksgiving/other occasions

Remind customers that your company’s thankful to have them on board. It’s also a good time to tell them the ways you’ll continue to serve them in the future.

Reprinted with permission from The Marketing Report, 370 Technology Drive, Malvern, PA 19355, 800-220-5000

We use Modern Postcard for many of our client direct mail projects, and we continue to be pleased with the quality of the product, great pricing and responsive customer service.
Rachel K. Benoit
Production Manager, Nomad Communications Inc.