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Postcards: 5 Other Reasons Why They’re Worth Using

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They’re Versatile, Affordable and They Sell to Everyone.

You probably know postcards are one of the most effective and least expensive tools you can use to generate sales. But postcards have other advantages, says postcard guru Martha Retallick.

1. They may turn gatekeepers into promoters.
One corporate event planner loves postcards because they get read by every person who handles the card. When she’s promoting party planning, she gets to sell her events to assistants, mail clerks, etc., before it even makes it to the relevant exec. She also designs mailings with these other “buyers” in mind.

2. They stick around.
If you rely on sales reps, you may want to send postcards with a full-size photo of each one to customers or prospects. A commercial real estate agent found business prospects were reluctant to throw photos away. One month he sent 825 cards, which generated three offers, one for $4.5 million. He also found the photos pinned up in offices everywhere. Another twist: Send postcards with stickers or magnets to encourage people to keep them.

3. You can mail all year long.
You can build awareness by mailing all year long for around $6 for each name. One marketer in the hotel business sends $25 discount certificates with an expiration date. Instead of frustrating buyers who miss the use-by date, she sends another one offering a similar discount a few weeks after. It keeps momentum and sales going. She’s seen sales rise while competitors’ fell.

4. They fly under the radar.
If you advertise in a trade magazine, competitors know. If you send postcards, there’s less risk they’ll know and be able to counter.

5. No doubt about ROI.
Postcards can include a tracking code or can contain an invitation to an event.


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