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R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the P-O-S-T-C-A-R-D

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Jerry Heisler
One of the oldest forms of direct mail is the postcard. Simple to create and print, inexpensive to mail and easy to read, this workhorse is often underestimated by mailers. Many seem to think that their mailings must always be elaborate if they are to gain readership. Postcards are being used for a variety of direct marketing purposes including mail-order sales, lead generation, events, announcements or traffic builders.

Another advantage offered by postcards is the fact that they don’t require an envelope saving you not only the envelope’s cost but eliminating the cost of folding, inserting and sealing your mailer.

Because the standard or typical sized postcard has a limited amount of room you’ll have to state your offer succinctly. It helps to have a product or a name that is familiar to your audience and you have to make ordering easy. If your offer requires a response you may want to consider using a double postcard with one half serving as the reply device. Because your customer can’t mail a check with a postcard, you can use it to suggest that your customer make payment through your website or by phone.

If your proposition is simple such as announcing a sale or new store opening, then a single postcard will work well. We’ve seen many mailers make the postcard double as a coupon by asking the customer to bring it in for a special savings.

Many times the postcard can be used for multiple mailings. A realtor we know keeps her name in front of her customers by sending out useful tips on how they can improve the value of their property by upgrading their plumbing fixtures, improving their garden or replacing light fixtures. A postcard mailed every other month does the job for her.

Since your postcard competes for attention in the mailbox, you might want to consider using a jumbo postcard such as Modern Postcard’s “Deluxe” which measures 6″ x 8 1/2″ or a “Sumo” which is 6″ x 11″. In addition to commanding attention, these larger sized cards give you more room to tell your story. For example, a realtor promoting a particular home can use a large postcard to show several rooms within the home or several exterior views. You may also want consider folded postcards, such as Modern’s “Double Deluxe” or “Triple Sumo”. These larger formats can be used as brochures, price sheets and to furnish complete product information.

Modern Postcard offers a variety of postcard products and services to suit your direct marketing needs at very attractive prices. Call, email or visit their website to order. They also offer layout services to help you put your postcard together. Send them your photos, images or logo along with instructions and a mock- up and they’ll create four color postcards you can afford.

When you want good results at an economical price, don’t write off the postcard. It has served many mailers well and can work for you.