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Earn More Loyalty from the 3 Most Common Customers

Tailored offers that appeal to all communication styles

Every existing customer is potentially a loyal one. One way to make them loyal – identify their customer type and segment them by the messages they want. Here are the three most common types of customers and what communications earn their loyalty.

Engaged customers
These customers, also known as the “Love Group,” have an emotional bond with a company. They talk about good experiences and refer others, and they’ll let the company know when something doesn’t meet their expectations.

How to keep them loyal: Quickly resolve any complaints, and let them know how it was done. They give companies one chance to bounce back.

Disengaged customers
Also known as the “Hate Group,” they have no emotional bond with a company. They answer surveys with ambivalent attitudes. They might only do business with a company because the price is lower, there’s no alternative or it’s more convenient.

How to make them loyal: Since they’re farthest from loyalty, look for ways to engage them right away. More personal conversations (about their feelings on a past purchase or other interests) work best.

Swing customers
This group seems happy with a company but isn’t exactly singing its praises to others. One bad experience can sway them to hate a company.

How to make them loyal: Make them feel like “elite” customers by letting them in on special promos or “just for you” offers.


Reprinted with permission from
The Marketing Report
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