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5 Copywriting Tactics.

Prospects aren’t grabbed by hype, they’re repelled by it. Five terms in particular do major damage and kill results. Watch out for these:

  1. Free. Offering free trials or demos can work in a down economy. But spam filters are tough on subject lines containing “free” – and companies can’t risk having email blocked today.

    Tip: Replace “free” with “complimentary” or “no cost.”

  2. Guarantee. There are so few actual guarantees these days that buyers don’t believe them – unless they’re proven right away.
  3. Really/Very. These are filler words. Is this message more compelling with “very” in it? “Very few companies can beat our service.”
  4. A lot. If a company offers 15 varieties, it’s best to say it. What’s more appealing? “100 channels” or “a lot of channels.”
  5. Opportunity. Prospects aren’t looking for opportunities. They want results – not just a chance to get results.


Source: The Marketing Report, March 17, 2009