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Key Components of VDP

Key Components of Personalized Direct Mail.

Data: The Right Customer

Who is your Right Customer and what do you know about them?
More info.

  • Do you have actual data fields that define them?
  • What fields do you have to work with?
  • What is the accuracy of your data?
Design: The Right Messages

How will you design for a number of layouts of varying text and images? More info.

  • How will the personalization be applied in text and image?
  • What logic will determine text, picture, and object style (or color)?
  • Will you provide different offers based on personally relevant criteria?
Logic: Connecting the Pieces

How can the data drive a more relevant message and offer? More info.

  • How does the data translate to personalization?
  • What objects in the design will be variable?
  • What logic will drive the changes to the variable objects?
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