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VDP Data: The Right Customer

Who Is Your Right Customer And What Do You Know About Them?

Do you have actual data fields that define your right customer?
  • Buying propensity
  • Last purchase date or service due date
  • Detail of most recent purchase
  • Language preference
What fields do you have to work with?

First Name, Title, Location, Company Name

What is the accuracy of your data?

No data source is perfect. There will be situations in almost every campaign where you do not have complete information for each of your recipients, even when you are talking about data purchased from a vendor. Even with your own lists. Review your data and draft actual examples.

  • What is changing and based on what criteria?
  • What happens when the criteria is not met?
  • How do you want to handle bad records?
  • How do you want to handle incomplete records?
  • Consider creating “default copy” to use in place of bad or incomplete records.
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