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A team member will contact you shortly about creating a plan to integrate Direct Marketing with Digital Integration.

Integrated Digital Marketing lifts conversion. Call 800-959-8365.
The reason Integrated Direct Marketing lifts response is simple: people know, like, and trust brands that help them choose.

Direct Mail by itself isn’t enough. Email by itself isn’t enough. Digital Display by itself isn’t enough. No matter the size of your marketing department, you can attract customers and drive demand and interest when integrating Digital Marketing + Direct Mail.


30% Lift in Lifetime Value

Customers engaged in omnichannel marketing show higher LTV.
Source: Google Think Research


18% Lift in Response Rates

Marketing campaigns adding 1 or more digital media to direct mail. 
Source: Merkle Study


90% Match Rate

Matching devices to mailing lists for Addressable Geo-Fence Display Ads.
Source: Modern Postcard